My opinion—

Congratulations, you have won It's a years subscription of bad puns. If it makes you a story, i'm concerned And you set it up, before it burns My opinions. My opinions. My opinions. My opinions. Well there seems to be a problem here. When the state of emotion seems to clear. Well they rise and fall like Wall Street stock And they have an effect on how people talk Our opinions. Our opinions. Our opinions. My opinions.


gerard way through the eras


fallen angel.



Ugh tummy teaser


"These are the things
                  the things we lost
     the things we lost
                        in the fire
                                     f i r e
                                        F I R E"


Actual Scene vs. Gag Reel - Season 9

Gerard Way. VyRT. Hesitant Alien listening. 9.29.14

attractive people meme → 1/5 blondes: saoirse ronan